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"The Peach Truck Republic...occupying the idyllic space between the Allman Brothers and American Beauty-era Grateful Dead."

--Jesse Jarnow


" a jam session at two in the morning where the "Dreams" theme is extended to a high plateau that looks out over that frozen moment. Mesmerizing."

" Barnboard Blonde’s case, art is placing you in a surreal southern womb where the only sounds you hear are echoes from some era that never died, that never grows old, that stands jam music on its head. Texas never tasted so good."

--Randy Ray
Homegrown Music Network


" amalgam of roots blues and folk with country, rock and a jam band sensibility, and something of a thematic link. 

 There are subtle of hints of The Band and The Grateful Dead circa Workin' Man's Dead.

It's an album (Barnboard Blonde) that's really about the songs, and they are story telling with elaborate lyrics and complex but enticing melodies."

Mick's Picks


"Southern jams permeate...Allman Brothers meets The Recipe feel to it that paints a picture with the bands tight harmonies and fine tuned musicianship...a treat to hear, Barnboard Blonde's rhythms and melodies shake and shimmy with a relaxed confidence."

--Bill Whiting
An Honest Tune


" a hypothetical jam session between Phish's Trey Anastasio and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zandt."

--Greg Okuhara
The Eagle


"...more than just another follower of the Allman Brothers. Dismuke and company weave southern rock, soul, blues, gospel, funk, jazz and nearly every other singularly American music form into their anthemic songs."

--John Estes
The Daily O'Collegian


"...a notable release (Fenceposts) and perhaps even a masterpiece."

--Dave Howell


"...The Peach Truck Republic is a band steeped in the tradition of bands like Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, James Gang and The Grateful Dead.

This band is built on excellent guitar picking, strong bass lines and piano, and easy (lead and harmony) vocals."

--Gary Schwind
Root 66


" organic mix of southern rock and the blues without ever being exactly either of those things. 

...Introducing then defying its obvious influences - including the Allman Brothers - Peach Truck delivers."

-- Tom Geddie
FW Weekly


“We play music that moves us as musicians,” Wes Dismuke, guitarist and vocalist for the band, said. “For us that means raising our families, paying our bills–many things pretty commonplace. Music is the hub of our existence. It’s what connects five different families.”

--Amanda Pendegrass
NT Daily


" institution of Southern pride, built on the way music used to be made before profit became a priority."

--Piet Levy
FW Weekly


“Live, one will find the perfect mixture of covers and originals laced together with a capella insertions, three and four part harmonies, dual-lead guitars, solo improvisation, full-on percussion, and feature length instrumental compositions. All told, The Peach Truck's live show is a festival in and of itself.”

--Robert Cast


"While definitely folksy and homegrown, PTR sets itself apart from other jam-oriented bands with a healthy helping of southern rock and blues."

"Take the Grateful Dead and add Stevie Ray to the lineup and you might have The Peach Truck Republic."

--Tami Watson
The Norman Transcript


“The band has recently been garnering a fair amount of attention with jamband fans, and it’s easy to see why..."

“…a multitude of textures from Delta and British blues (a la Clapton and Green), Southern rock, soul, gospel, folk, country, bluegrass and much more. The band’s music is all over the place, but somehow, the group makes it cohesive. It weaves a neat tapestry of guitars, banjo and keyboards around articulate, often poetic, lyricism.”

--Mick Skidmore
Relix Magazine


"The Peach Truck Republic seemed to have as much fun playing as I was listening."

"The finesse and contact each member had with one other is seldom found, but a true treat to see."

--Darin Wakeley


" summed up as a progressive folk and blues fusion of The Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead and Miles Davis."

--Amy Cotham
NWA Morning News


"The Peach Truck Republic, a band based in Texas, has created a Titanic of a recording with a two-CD set titled "Fenceposts." It is bursting at the seams with originality, creativity, spirituality, musical storytelling, and sheer talent. But the best part about this ship is that it doesn't sink.

Fenceposts is an inspiring musical journey. PTR hasn't simply packed two discs with music. Instead it has done something most bands are not capable of--putting together a body of work that is cohesive and astounding... an opus magnum, if you will."

"...they artfully blend rock, blues, boogie, (dare I mention soul?), folk and a touch of country... and I'm just scratching the proverbial surface here. Their uncanny ability to make this complex brew work is a shining testament to their infinite well of talent."

"Fenceposts is more than a lengthy 2 CD workit is a special experience for the ears and the soul, born of five highly talented and sublimely creative individuals who have planted their collective heart in their music."

--Joseph O. Patton
Capital City Free Press


"They’ve got their act together if I’ve ever seen it. They’ve got the live sets down, their studio work could hold it’s own against any jamband or acoustic/folk/blues indie act I’ve listened to, and frankly I can’t find a damn thing I don’t like about the band."

Burning Oak


"...blues, complex, literate lyrical themes, rock and country all meet head on as they go from acoustic rural blues to lengthy improvisation. It’s rugged but real and it’s got texture and soul."

Beyond the Verge
Relix Magazine


“Rock and roll never felt so good or seemed so different as when you listen to the music of the Peach Truck Republic.”

--Mandy Smith
The NTCC Eagle


“These guys are good, and they know it. They play around with it, pick at it, it bleeds."

"If ever you hear a quote from a rock group claiming to be a 'family', listen to The Peach Truck first, and get a Real idea of what a family would sound like if they all played together."

It's like watching a train load of hillbillies spirit their machine on the tracks, and you ain't eager for no caboose.”

--Ben Ohmart
Music Dish


“The Peach Truck Republic is a folk rock based group of superior musicians and songwriters. This two CD set is packed full of excellent music and song. The lyrics are exceptional and incomparable to anything else I've heard."

"There is also a heavy blues influence to this music, which gives it that added flavoring. PTR has a definite classic rock thing going for them and a wealth of talent that allows them to pack a sound full of amazing musical beauty. I was more impressed by the musical ability of this band than anything."

"Their music may not be fit for mainstream radio, but anyone who loves real music with heart, soul and feeling will love this band. Highly recommended to the more sophisticated rock music crowd. Plus, there's enough music on this 2 CD set to keep you happy for a long time.”

--Michael Allison
The Global Muse


"...proving that it takes more than just playing for ten minutes plus to create an admirable jam.

...pristine vocal combinations and rollicking instrumental talent that establish The Peach Truck Republic's unique sound."

--Stephen Centanni


“Their sound is basic jam-band but they use a lot of acoustic instruments. Lots of little instrumentals mixed in...I'm not quite sure what the whole thing's about.”

--Bill Frater
Freight Train Boogie


"... the Republic rambles through an entire catalog of stylistic conventions, from country to jazz and all points in between, taking up what's useful or necessary, discarding what isn't, and, all the while, rarely losing sight of its blues-based foundations.”

“...wreathed in the oily smoke of a thousand bong hits. It has the odd stylish appeal of a banana-seated Schwinn, both of its time and outside of it.”

--Colin Maycock
Fort Worth Weekly


"...the singing of Dismuke and Jewell gave me chills--the good kind."

--Jane Aldred
TWU Lasso


“To call them a jam band would be remiss, but they do jam. To label them a blues band would not do them justice, but they are bluesy. Rock music does not describe the type of band that they are, but they do rock. Kind of a southern-bluesy-jammin-rocknroll hodgepodge.”

“It would have been easy to single out any of the members and write a glowing review of each one, but when you see them live, you don’t get the feeling that it’s just one man’s truly is a group of brothers, making beautiful music.”

--Scott Waldrop
Forward Not Straight


"The Peach Truck Republic, a band who carries on the free-wheelin' tradition of taking music on a tangent and playing from the heart."

"Creative folk-rock jams that shift from bluesy and rocking to breezy and sunny to lilting and lonely. They are doing what they feel, and looking for salvation in unpretentious rock and roll, an art that lately tends to remain unheard of."

--Joseph Felzke
Urban Tulsa Weekly




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