The Peach Truck Republic, Fenceposts
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The Peach Truck Republic, 1999-2003:

Jerry Jewell: bass and rhythm guitar, banjo & vocals;
Wes Dismuke: lead & rhythm guitars & vocals;
Justin Cook: pianos, organ and vocals;
Eddie Hord: lead & rhythm guitar;
Evan Jones: drums & percussion.

Special Guests
Lauran Janes & Angie Vest: Vocals
Zeb "Cat-Daddy" Ernest: Harmonica
David Mooney: Flute  Jay Jones: Bass Guitar 
Kent Middleton: Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin 
Jimmy Jewell: Pedal Steel Guitar 
Travis Knepper: Drums and Percussion

Additional Credits
Produced By: The Peach Truck Republic
Recorded and Engineered By: Mike England
Pre-Production and Acoustic Engineer: Jay Jones
Mastered By: Billy Stull  Cover Art: Nicole Jones
Photography & Design: Jennifer Wommack,
Inawna Mooney, and Carley Hunter
Like Fenceposts Down the Row  By: Oliver Reed


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