The Oliver Reed Band (1993-95)

The Peach Truck Republic began in the summer of 1993 when its two founding guitarists, Wes Dismuke and Eddie Hord, were brought together through a mutual friend at a series of jam sessions in Fort Worth, Texas. The pair brought in a drummer by the name of Jeff Brightwell who in turn brought with him a bass player by the name of Tim Nixon. These four individuals, the original, founding members of the band, were regarded by one another as anything but strangers; the fact is that they'd grown up together during their formative years, as teenage friends, the parcel and product of a rural lifestyle that surrounded a small town by the name of Mount Pleasant, Texas. Chance circumstance brought them back together nearly five years after their respective hometown departures, and it was to the wonderment of each that he'd come to rediscover the other—four old friends who'd become four young musicians.

Reconvened and resituated in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the original quartet embarked on a headlong pursuit of their music, a reinterpretation of the Delta Blues origin and its overwhelming influence on first generation British Blues acts, bands like Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Cream with Eric Clapton, and Led Zeppelin. Comparatively speaking, looking back from The Peach Truck of now to the same band in its original formation, one finds an altogether different sound that was produced by an altogether different group of musicians. The Peach Truck hadn't yet gone the full round, but it had made a definite beginning. They called themselves The Oliver Reed Band. 

Amidst the legions of blues guitarists who were shaped in their imitations of the late Stevie Ray Vaughn, Oliver Reed was coming from some very different sources for blues inspiration. Brash, loud and thereby emboldened, the band often faced a very mixed reception. Among the blues club crowd of beer drinking forty-somethings, the band failed somewhat miserably in making a connection, and the times seemed pleased to march on without them. Absolute in its convictions, Oliver Reed would remain true to its creed until the end; it refused to become another cover band.


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