In 2001 The Peach Truck began touring behind their first album to gain national attention, a two-disk concept piece by the name of Fenceposts. From that record they built a live show, learned the ropes of the road, made a little money and a lot of friends. Nowadays they've got a home studio, record at will and are a bit more selective in their venues.  After more than a decade of doing their thing, they've pretty much figured out who and what they are, and they rest with an easy satisfaction about where it is that they are going from here. Vision, experimentation, conceptualization, experience, talent, creativity, professionalism, friendship and an absolute love for the music, there is no mistaking the sound of The Peach Truck Republic, much less its ethos.

Embraced by fans as a workingman's band in the now popularized jamband scene, The Peach Truck has joined ranks among some of the most talented touring acts out on the road today. Friends and champions of the singer and songwriter, lover of instrumentals—they serve from a full table, one that offers listeners a literal wealth of material. Fluid interaction, improvisational jams, alternating lead vocalists, a cappella insertions, three and four part vocal harmonies, dual lead guitars, full on percussion, and a constant rotation of guest musicians, The Peach Truck strives to offer its listeners a unique and complete musical experience, one carved from a sound that's all their own, a thing they call Southern Harmony and Jam Music for the Soul.


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